What are some fun things to do in Los Cabos that I won't read in Fodor's
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I am travelling to Los Cabos via San Diego this winter and am planning to stay for just over a week. Apart from the obligatory surfing, whale watching, snorkelling, and cuisine, what are some things I can do in that general vicinity that I won't find in a guidebook (including La Paz for a day or two)? What did you enjoy the most?
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My go-to source on this is always Atlas Obscura.
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There is a guy who lands an ultra light on the beach in Los Cabos and takes people for scenic flights.

When I was there, he showed up in the afternoons around 1-2pm.

Do it. Unbelieveably fun.
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The, uh, cuisine in Los Cabos is generally awful, from my experience (banana stuffed chicken breast? $35?). It's also not cheap. If you want something good, head north for about an hour and find Santiago (there's a nice waterfall near there that you can ride into a pond, plus great food). Lonely Planet and other sources will give you more. There are a couple of taco shops just outside of downtown that are alright (including one where the massively obese cook/owner comes out every 30 minutes, grease stained from the grill, to pantomime Beatles songs in a wig with a ukelele - the tacos are good). Avoid the strip, unless you like talking to frat boys and girls. The local kids are pushed out there by their parents as well to beg or sell you trinkets.

Cabo San Lucas is a party town. It's obnoxious. If you must stay there, I'd suggest reading some guides about what to do outside of the town. Probably a great place to get laid, though. With every fucking precaution you can take.
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There's the fabulous Art Walk every Thursday (I think) in which you walk around the delightful streets of Los Cabos in the early evening and you get to go inside the many varied and wondrous little art galleries. Many art galleries offer free wine, cheese, pizza etc to keep you satisfied.
That was very enjoyable indeed.
A day trip to San Lucas to see the famous Arch is a must do.
We had a great time at Shooters Bar watching hockey and drinking cheap beers.
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