where is the best snorkeling in Baja?
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Best snorkeling in a non-touristy area in Baja?

i and my sister are thinking about going to Baja for a week at the end of may and would love some suggestions about where to go and/or stay.

neither of us has ever been there. we're both fairly laid-back people and prefer relatively quiet, un-touristy, un-resorty, un-ridiculously-expensive places (i.e., not Cabo). we're not windsurfers or spear fishers or sailors or scuba divers (yet), but we LOVE SNORKELING, hiking, and hanging out on the beach. i guess our first priority would be snorkeling, and if anyone could recommend some amazing snorkeling spots for this time of year, we'd be eternally grateful.
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I don't know the answer, but if people here don't know, try asking in the snorkeling forum on scuba board. I would say you're pretty much guaranteed to get a response there. Or search that message board.
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We found extraordinary snorkling a little north of San Lucas Cove, which is between Santa Rosalia and Punta Chivato. A short boat ride north from the cove to a geographic landmark called "the haystack". I think that it can be reached overland too. The area was like falling into an aquarium store's reef tank. Hundreds of wrasses of a multitude of varieties near shore in less than 30' depth; plus Sargent Majors and the Cortez Angelfish. Visibility was great and the water was approaching 80 degrees.

Drawback is that it's 570 miles south of Tijuana, way to far for a one week venture. When you have more time perhaps.
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I really liked kayaking and snorkeling around Espiritu Santo Island, outside of La Paz. Very not touristy.
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