Question about Bluetooth security and speakers.
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I am about to buy some bluetooth speakers to be used in conjunction with a Windows computer and Itunes. I have heard vague rumblings to the effect that bluetooth has security issues that regular wifi devices do not. Ordinarily, I would buy wifi speakers but the few I can find are awfully damned pricey. Would I be putting myself at risk of compromising my computer's security if I set up a pair or two of bluetooth speakers in my apartment? In general, are there any bluetooth security issues I should be aware of, as a new user of this technology? Many thanks for your time.
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Best answer: The security issues around bluetooth speakers and other simple audio devices, like car hands-free units, is that they all use static PINs for pairing - this means that in theory anybody with the appropriate tools can connect to the speakers and play audio into your apartment, and for devices with a microphone (like a car hands-free adapter) they can also listen in. There's not a reduction in security on your computer though.

As long as the things you buy are speakers only (no mic.), and you understand that a sufficiently motivated hacker who is close enough could start playing audio through them without your permission, then I don't see any other reason to be concerned.
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