The Nile: It's not just a creek in Colorado
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This year for Halloween I was going to be Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. But then the Colorado floods happened.

I lost my apartment, and a good number of belongings. After a month of being a refugee, I'm finally moving into a new place. THE COSTUME WAS SPARED. This, I feel, is a sign.

So now for Halloween I'm going to be Cleopatra, Queen of BOULDER CREEK. Please help me make this dream (nightmare?) come true.

I have a long golden/sand colored Egyptian-ish dress and bright blue (mud-spattered) wading boots. I plan to fashion some sort of headdress/crown incorporating a tiny toy Subaru. (Hey, it's Boulder.) A consort/FEMA inspector date is not out of the question.

Please help me figure out how to incorporate Boulderish and "flood" elements into the dress and into the costume. Needless to say, I don't have an enormous amount of time and/or resources. Thanks, MeFi!
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A bucket & a life vest? I think the boots and the headdress ideas are wonderful. (I live in Manitou -- my thoughts are with you.)
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Ooh, and hand out bottles of water instead of candy, as most of us had to boil our drinking water.
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I love the idea to handle out bottles of water.

If you can manage it, one of those black intertubes people use for floating down Boulder Creek would be hilarious.
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A patagonia or go-lite vest would not be out of place.
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Thanks! Any ideas for how to make the dress approximate a flooded creek?
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Snorkel and face mask worn like a headband for headdress. You should be able to get a cheap kiddy one on clearance. Inflatable life ring would be cute. Hand out mini sandbags, make your own, 25 for $7.75 free ship ebay. You could also incorporate "black mold" spots on your gown. Make a purse out of an MRE bag.

I lost my home in Hurricane Katrina flooding, this was some of the stuff we did as costumes for Mardi Gras. Sometimes you just have to step back and have fun, sorry to hear about your home. Did you all use the blue tarps from FEMA? That shade of blue causes anxiety in New Orleans.
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Thanks! Any ideas for how to make the dress approximate a flooded creek?

Dip-dye the bottom half in brownish dye to approximate a high water mark? Accentuate the line with glued-on sand or pebbles, or a leaf here or there...

(Would love to see this thread updated with pics.)
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For the flooded creek, you could add bits of blue shower curtain for a shimmery effect. I'm using the same trick for my sharknado costume.
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Make a Cleopatra-esque collar all in shiny water colours! You could put little boats in it too!
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