Learning Basic Accounting from Home
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I'm looking for inexpensive or free resources for learning basic small business accounting from home.

In case it's helpful: I'll most likely be working in QuickBooks.
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I've found useful stuff on reallifeaccounting.com. The guy's selling books and some sort of online course but the right Google search reveals a plethora of sample content he has posted.
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Have you looked at coursera? They have a couple of free financial/accounting classes.

There are also Youtube videos on QuickBooks available that show you how to do certain things.
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accounting accounting, or just how to use QuickBooks? if the former, there are always cheap or free accounting texts around.
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Small Business Accounting is good but I would start with Bookkeeping for Dummies, so so clear and sensible. Once you've worked through that, you can breeze through the SBA book.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips; all of them are helpful.
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