How to record every Knicks game on my Time Warner DVR
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DVR question: Is there any way I can automatically have my DVR record every New York Knicks game? I have a DVR from Time Warner and the software is very clunky, especially the abysmal search function. More details within.

Time Warner seems to treat each game as an individual episode, rather than as part of a "series." It seems like something has to be considered a "series" in order to be able to record more than one episode of a show at a time, so I haven't figured out how to record all games. (On my very first DVR I owned, over a decade ago, you could simply have the machine record every show that matched a certain keyword. It seems like we've gone backwards.) It also doesn't seem to help that games are titled "NBA Basketball" (or "NBA Preseason Basketball"), and I definitely don't want to start accidentally recording Celtics games.

So do I have to keep manually remembering to record each game? Or are there any shortcuts I can use?

And if the former is the case, any buying advice for more sophisticated DVRs? Because it's a long season! And thanks!
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I'm able to program my DVR through my cable provider's web site and it's much faster/easier than doing it on the DVR itself. A quick Google suggests that Time Warner offers that feature as well -- it might still be manual, but much potentially much faster/easier.
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Response by poster: Yes, Time Warner also offers a web interface, and the search interface is a little bit better (you can actually do a general keyword search on "Knicks," not just search by title, as in the DVR's interface). But the record function seems to be just as primitive: When you go to record a basketball game, it looks like it only gives you the option to record that single game. But I was wondering if I was doing something wrong or somehow missing some trick.
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