Where does the "gratitude" symbol come from?
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Does anyone know where the gratitude symbol resembling a lower case "g" comes from?

This is the symbol I am referring to. Anyone know anything about where it originates? Thanks!
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Mod note: Changed link to point directly to the image so it should work on all devices. This is the original link, which goes to Google Images and has more examples of the symbol.
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It looks like possibly from this?
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According to this source, "Smeegle made that." But, then again, it is that source.
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I think it's a play on the @ sign as well. Gr@-a-tude.
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Seconding the page that Sequence found. The way it's integrated into their banner implies that it originated there, rather than being incorporated from elsewhere. Perhaps there's more information in the "Go Gratitude Master Key Flash movie" that they link to.
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If you sign up for the mailing list on the gogratitude page, it redirects you to another page that includes this passage:

One evening, while musing on my doodles, I noted that many commonly recognized symbols were peeking through my orderly disorder.

And then, as if arranged by fate, I asked my Sweetheart, "What is the symbol for Gratitude?"

Think about it.

There's a symbol for the sun, the moon, love, peace . . . even a simple "swoosh" is recognizable world-wide.

There must be a symbol for Gratitude!

. . . and Voila! I glanced down to witness this symbol of Gratitude being created by my very own hand.

Immediately, I glimpsed a little 'g' in a circle. 'Gratitude begins with a G', I thought. Perfect! (I still get chills thinking about it! Wow!)

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