Can someone who speaks Russian please identify this song
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I've made the post that this links to public so you can view it. Captured this today in St. Petersburg (hello any mefites in St Petersburg! I'm here till Monday!). It's so haunting and beautiful and I'd like to identify the song so that I can find it complete online. HALP.
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The recognizable part of the lyrics includes the phrase: "не знает боже мое страдания" -- God doesn't know my suffering... it sounds like it could be a church hymn but I don't recognize it.
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It's not Russian; I'm not sure if it's Ukrainian, Belorussian, Church Slavic, or some mix. At any rate, the only recognizable part (for a Russian speaker) is what LittleMy quoted.
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It's a garbled version of this sung in a mixture of Russian and Ukrainian. If you search for the first line of the linked lyrics, you can find more street beggars singing it and some professional performances in both languages. It's some kind of folk religious lament.
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oh my gosh Nomyte you are my hero/heroine!!!!!
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