Tracking down a Michigan local band when you're not in Michigan?
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Is there any way to listen to songs from the local/regional Michigan band Ad Hoc Troubador? My mixtapes from the early nineties aren't going to do it.

So in my early days of the internet, about 1993 or thereabouts, I had a long-distance relationship with a guy who sent me mix tapes. He lived in Michigan, I was on the East Coast. They were pretty good mixtapes, even though I don't listen to a lot of Dead Can Dance anymore. On those tapes was a band I'd love to listen to again called Ad Hoc Troubador.

At this point the only thing I've turned up is an hour-long clip from a tv show that looks perhaps like college production or maybe local cable access. How might I go about getting more recordings of their music? At this point I'm pretty sure the tapes are long gone, despite my general packrat tendencies, because it's been a lot of miles between here and there.
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Best answer: I found this link to two songs on Grooveshark
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Best answer: Here are two songs from Grooveshark.

Here's a cover of one of their songs.

You could contact the person who uploaded the Youtube video since he was the producer. It sounded like their names were "Matt Toole" and "Bill Tennant" but Googling hasn't turned them up.

Good music, BTW.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the two songs- both were definitely on the tapes and it was great to hear them again.
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