Google Changes Their Search Preferences - I Need Alternatives!
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Well Google changed their search preferences - finding news, books, videos or anything else for that matter from the search result page is impossible.

I don't want to go to the Google start page. What alternatives other than using a different search engine do I now have?

Is there some kind of Firefox add-on I can use to get my results lined up so I can simultaneously do searches for news, videos etc from ONE page? Not a toolbar if possible.

Thanks greatly
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I may be misunderstanding what you're asking, but do you mean that you don't want to use the little filtering menu at the top of the Google search results page - where you can view results for your search specifically by news, videos, books, etc. (some of which is under a drop down menu)? You want them all listed by category at once on one page?
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Response by poster: The little filtering menu at the top of the Google search results page DISAPPEARED. I don't have it any more. I want it back or something similar.
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I just checked, and unless they're rolling this out gradually (such that I'm looking at "old" google and you've seen the new horrible future) all the options you're looking for are in a drop down menu that says MORE. It's right next to "images" "maps" "shopping" et al.
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Response by poster: OK - I figured out part of the problem at least - I was using a FF add-on that let me change the style of the page to get results from the last hour, 24 hours etc. I disabled that and the top menu on Google is back. I still want to narrow down my searches though time-wise. Any help with that appreciated. Sorry for the confusion but I was confused too. :)
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Click the option that says "Search Tools". It will create a toolbar that gives you a time drop-down menu among other things.
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Response by poster: OK - will figure it out now from here. Thank you so much.
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I also observe this change - the top menu bar with many choices, left-justified, has been replace by a right-justified, very brief menu which in my case only has choices

+You, Gmail, Images, a little 3x3 grid icon (where a mouse-over says "Apps") and then the red "Sign In" button.

Clicking this Apps brings up a bigger 3x3 grid with icons for

+You   Search   Youtube
Maps     Play   News
Gmail   Drive   Calendar

Does an add-on exist to restore the old? Hope so. But since I don't have it I'm using to get to their news page.
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I for one really miss the translate option. I used to always right click google search highlighted phrases in other languages and then switch to translate to see what they said. Now? Extra steps damn it.
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I've been using the feedback tool to tell Google how I hate this change.
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