Techno/Rock mixes?
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I'm trying to please a group of friends who have different musical tastes and coming up empty. I'm looking for mixes or DJ sets that blend rock and techno.

I don't know what magical key word or phrase to use on soundcloud to find this, but I've had no luck and I'm pretty sure that there are DJ's that do this mix.

Can someone please point me in the direction of DJ's or sets that are this combo of rock and techno?
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Are you looking for DJ mixes that have a techno song, and then a rock song? Or DJs that play songs that combine elements from techno and rock? Or something else?
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Yeah, I'm not sure what you're looking for. Do you want music that's a hybrid of rock and electronic that might please both of them, like Ratatat?
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Response by poster: Or DJs that play songs that combine elements from techno and rock


I was thinking more of a hybrid. Enough rock so that the rockers in the crowd can recognize the songs and party out but mixed with a techno beat to satiisfy the more EDM leaning folks.

Looking more for a DJ mix of various artists rather than one particular artist who does rock/techno style...
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Chrissy Murderbot
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You may not get recognizable songs, but you will get recognizable rock with The Bloody Beetroots.
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Best answer: Soulwax seem like they'd be the perfect thing - a pair of Belgian DJs who do dance remixes / bootlegs of rock hits, and they're really good! The 'as heard on Radio Soulwax' album would be a good place to start.
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I've heard Skrillex and American dubstep DJs like him be called the "metal" of dubstep/electronic.

Another example

Maybe Skrillex and other DJs like him?
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Best answer: Maybe try Greg Wilson.
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You might want to look at Girl Talk's mashup sets.
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Girl Talk and Soulwax are exactly what you're looking for. You may also find the Soulwax stuff und "2 Many DJs"

Adam Freeland and Evil 9 may work for you, too.
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