Cat has colitis, had an "episode" yesterday and has been lethargic since
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My 10 year old cat Leo has colitis and occasionally has episodes where he kind of stiffens up, probably in pain, but it usually passes in 10 minutes or so and sometimes he throws up, but then he's back to normal. Last night he was like this and threw up after dinner, but then he's just been really lethargic ever since, almost like he's drugged or something.

He's eating normally and showing interest in food but he's just like...half asleep and not really moving around much and still seems somewhat stiff. His eyes are kind of glassy. If I call him he looks at me but doesn't do much else.

Relevant info: I've taken him to the vet several times over the past few years for the colitis(because at first it totally freaked me out) but it usually results in something like a $400 vet bill and they don't really do anything other than shrug and give me expensive probiotic stuff that I can barely get down him anyway. A couple years ago I bought Dr GoodPet probiotics powder and had been putting it in his food and that pretty much fixed the problem but I ran out of the powder like a month ago and haven't been able to replace yet(I moved and haven't been able to find it) I just ordered some with expedited shipping, so that should take care of the colitis but the lethargic behavior is worrying me. Also since he's been like this since last night.

I guess I'm worried that he had a stroke or something?? I don't know anything though.

My other cat is acting totally normal - usually when the colitis is acting up he for some reason takes the opportunity to pounce on Leo and bother him as much as possible but he hasn't been doing that today. Not sure if that means anything...

I guess I will start looking for vets since I will need one anyway...I'm in nyc in harlem/washington heights area if anyone has any recommendations.
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I used to be a receptionist in an emergency veterinary hospital. Pronounced, extended duration lethargy in cats is absolutely a reason to bring them in immediately. I'd strongly recommend a vet that is board certified in Emergency and Critical Care.
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Not a vet, just a lady with a sick cat.

Whenever something changes that dramatically, that is bad. Sounds like he's in a lot of pain. The colitis might have turned into a pancreatitis attack. There are tests for it. Or if he's been throwing up a lot lately, it might be that he's not getting enough calories and has started into hepatic lipidosis. Whatever it is, he needs vet care now.
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I live in Manhattan and take my 2 cats to Williamsburg Animal Clinic in Brooklyn. I have never had an emergency situation but I can recommend them, and I find them reasonably priced compared to other vets in the area. They take walk-ins but you normally have to wait...even with an appointment, so be prepared for that if you end up going there. I hope everything turns out ok, best wishes for your poor kitty.
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Here's a previous thread looking for New York City/Washington Heights vets.
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2nding everything Rock Steady said. Get him in!
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Nthing vet immediately. Those are classic signs of illness.
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If it's too late in the day and your regular vet is gone for the night, you could try one of these emergency vets:

Animal Medical Center, 510 E. 62nd St. 212.488.0725
NYC Veterinary Specialists, 410 W. 55th St. 212.924.3311

It won't be cheap, but this really does sound like an emergency.
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I am a licensed vetetinary technician. If ypu called me and told me this I would strongly urge you to bring your cat in immediately. What you are describing is a medical emergency. Your cat is suffering right now and you need help from a veterinarian ASAP.
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