Recommendations for small online jewellery makers
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I'm looking for a 30th birthday present for my wife who loves jewellery. I know there are some amazing small artists out there creating their own things and selling them online but it's incredibly hard to find them. She's incredibly open minded on styles but loves sapphires and silver and it would be lovely to find an artist who sells things for under $1K. Any recommendations from people on the little known artists worth looking up online?
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Etsy. Look through Etsy for things that are along the right lines and then message the seller to talk about making something personalized -- many, many jewelry artists are on there, of all skill levels and backgrounds, and most of them will happily do custom things.
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I am very happy with my ring from Clementine, it is just different enough to be special and "me" but still classic and nice.
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Love this husband and wife duo. Great communication and beautiful work.
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Metalicious, for certain.
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Another vote for etsy. I am expecting a hand made ring this week! And the setting for my engagement ring was custom by by another jeweler from there.
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Turtle Love does artisan jewelry and has amazing customer service. (I know this because I purchased a vintage ring from them.)
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I've bought my wife a couple of pieces from J.H. Breakell, and she adores them. It's a small family company, and they make some beautiful stuff, some of which is very artistically interesting. (For instance, they do some pieces based on the mobius strip, with the notion of two things joining to become one, forever. Nice.)
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I love Sikara, and they have a number of gemstone styles, although it doesn't look like they have sapphires. I am coveting a number of the bracelets they have, and they do lots of 'matching' pieces if you wanted to get earrings/necklace/bracelet combo that go together
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Another vote for Etsy here. My partner and I both got our engagement rings from Winged Lion (another husband and wife team), and they were responsive, fast, and did really beautiful work. I like to recommend them every chance I get.
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this is my personal friend: Andrea Blais who is one of the most amazing artists I know. her jewellery is BEAUTIFUL (like some of the best finishing work I've ever seen, and I work professionally in the industry) and affordable, very interesting and well designed, but still wearable, and she's fantastic to either work with, or just purchase from.

I have a pair of the harvest earrings, and they move gorgeously.

it's hard to make a living as an artist, it's nice that you're supporting that!
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map of yes has some beautiful and interesting jewelry. Nicole is a pleasure to work with and is happy to create custom pieces.
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I visit Kate Szabone's Etsy page all the time just to stare longingly. I haven't bought anything from her though (yet). I linked to her sapphire pieces, which are essentially all rings.
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Where do you live? There may be good art/craft shows where you could find a local jeweler, or a quaint town with great shopping. "Great shopping" usually includes some handcraft/artisan jewelers.
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I work for Ruby Lane, so take that into account. However, we have a wide selection of jewelry (both artisan and antique). You may find something that you like on the site.
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