In your opinion what are the most interesting topics in medicine today?
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My original proposed topic for a publication I'm writing in was about printing organs and bone marrow but it may be rejected because someone else proposed the same idea. I'm currently brainstorming ideas before tomorrow. Currently I'm thinking of writing of genetically engineered humans. Any other ideas?
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How about respiratory dialysis.
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Fecal transplants.
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Phages might be old news by now but I still think they are pretty cool
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Antibiotic resistance, prospects for next gen antibiotics, superbugs, etc. are highly topical with the new CDC report coming out.
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Hippocampal prosthesis
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Customized biofilms.
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Look at things being done to encourage or discourage the immune system. Most of the things that kill us right now have a link to some facet of the immune system (heart disease is strongly linked to inflammation, if more tumors were recognized as "not self" there would be a lot less cancer, etc.).

Genetic modification of whole humans is pretty much going to be stamped "unethical" for the foreseeable future, which is going to make engineered humans a bit of a non starter in terms of putting together a decent essay. Modified and implanted cells, and phage gene therapy are more likely.
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The relationship between Borreliosis (late-stage Lyme) and autoimmune diseases - nice tie-in to biofilm too.
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Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell Therapy. Basically they re-infusing a patient's own t-cells that have been genetically recoded to attack cancer cells. The vehicle they use to do this is a modified HIV vector.
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Controlling bacterial quorum sensing seems all kinds of cool.
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Induced pluripotent stem cells and the potential for personalized treatment.
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Nanotech drug delivery. Not bleeding edge, but still leading edge.
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Gut bacteria: role in obesity, role in mood (anxiety, depression), effect on immunity.
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Biohacking and home genomic testing.
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