I'm looking for an original copy of the South Korean film Snowpiercer.
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The film Snowpiercer is set to release in the US, but with twenty minutes shaved for American audiences. I am looking for a copy, online, or elsewhere, where I might procure a copy of the original film from South Korea. Thanks!
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It looks like you will have to be patient, my friend.

Why? Suggest you check out Release Info. Which is cinema releases. Based on past experience, DVD/Blueray releases will happen later on.

As far as I can judge, all the current whoop-la is being stirred up by Harvey Weinstein, he who has the distribution rights. It seems to be working.

That said, once the film appears in Russian cinemas, expect a 'cam' copy to emerge and then be torrented.
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There is a full-on 1080p Blu-Ray sourced copy from France floating around in the usual places. It's the full, unedited movie.
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