Shipping laptop from US to Canada
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I'm buying a new laptop and the one I want isn't available in Canada, as far as I can tell and I won't be going back to the US until December. If I have it shipped to a friend in the US, what's the easiest and cheapest way to get it to me?
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Through the USPS. I buy loads of stuff from the US and have friends there forward it along, and the USPS has always been the best deal (and the least hassle on their end).
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How close to the border do you live? Frequently there are receiving depots (e.g. the UPS store) in border towns, and you can have it shipped directly there.
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Best answer: We need more info on where you are in Canada to accurately answer this question. (For example I live in Vancouver. I often go visit friends in Bellingham and pick up my packages, or they bring them when they come to visit.)

OK, i just looked - your previous question mentions Vancouver. Are you here? I'd have it sent to Point Roberts and then go pick it up. There're depots there that will receive.
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Best answer: Ditto USPS, if you go shipped. If you do, you probably want insurance, and if you do, you'll probably have to declare value and pay duty and brokerage. You can always skip that, but it's a bit riskier both in terms of damage not being covered and potentially having it seized by customs.

This is all about brokerage fees. UPS, in particular, is insane. Fedex isn't as bad, but is still higher than parcel post. USPS will probably be both the cheapest to ship and the cheapest brokerage service.
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