Help me find the perfect folding treadmill
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I need a folding treadmill that supports walking and running. I don't need much beyond the basics, but I want high-quality basics.

I want a strong motor, durable hardware, & top-shelf construction. I don't need speakers, TV, monitor, heart rate, or any kind of connectivity. I require a speed control, of course, and I'd like an incline control. Workout programs I can take or leave.

I need sightlines. I don't want my view, or my industrial fan, blocked by a control panel. If the panel lies flat I don't care which features it has or doesn't have. I want to read my morning paper, watch my documentaries, and go through my movie bucket list on my own big screen, and cool myself with my own big fan.

I'd like to spend $750 to $$2k, but I'm open to more.

Your thoughts?
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I use a LifeFitness F3 treadmill, and it is pretty great. The console is not flat, but it is very low profile. I am five feet tall and I can easily see my TV over the console ( I do have the TV raised slightly on a jelly cabinet, so it's maybe 36" off of the ground). I use a huge fan at my feet with no problems. The deck is fabulous for running, comparable to what you will find in a gym. I managed a three hour run on it with no issues.

Mine was a lucky find on Craigslist for $700, but I'll pay full price for another one when this one goes.
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