Recommend cheesy dancy electronic pop for a seven-year-old
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My seven-year-old son won a cheap-and-basic MP3 player at a charity tombola. Since then he's been pointing out tunes that he'd like to carry around. I need to find some more!

His tastes run from Generic Euro-Dance as heard on a recent holiday to "Gangnam Style" to most things by Daft Punk to "I Like to Move It" (the Madagascar version, of course). I know, I know. The future looks bleak for my bloodline. But I'd like to indulge this new taste a little. We'll get to Will Oldham and Jeff Mangum later, if the loud music from daddy's office has anything to do with it.

So what are the best, cheesiest and downright earwormy songs out there for a young chap who's definitely far beyond The Wiggles and Disney but maybe isn't quite ready for anything too racy?
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If Korean isn't a problem, then a lot of Girls Generation songs, like Gee, might work. I also like Psy's Olympic song and Right Now.
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Groove is in the Heart by Deee-Lite, some Justin Timberlake, Kylie Minogue...

I'm glad you're not subjecting your kid to Viva Last Blues yet.
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tons of 90s dancy stuff, free downloads. Use parental guidance
start from the first post, and read the descriptions to see what matches his tastes best.

My Year of Mix Tapes.
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Michael Jackson!
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Junior Senior - Move Your Feet (Song is kid-appropriate, video is not.)
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S Club 7. The best music mankind has produced so far.
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"Punk Rock Girl" by the Dead Milkmen just came on my radio. It's silly and almost aggressively cheerful.
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If you're concerned about age-appropriate content, the series Kidz Bop is a good compromise. The collections are current pop hits sung by kids and adult lyrics are edited. It's like a cross of pop/dance hits and Glee.

If that's too kid's stuff for him, you can try workout pop compilations - they're dance/high energy remixes of pop songs. They're pretty approachable and will have that cheezy factor that you won't get as easily in actual dance music that's popular in clubs.
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Daft Punk? Oh my! See how he likes Superfunk, Etienne de Crécy, Cassius, Bob Sinclar... also Fatboy Slim, Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem... how about some classics? Bomb the Bass, S-Express, M/A/R/R/S, Yazz, Snap!

Also, Billboard is your friend! and psst... offliberty
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I have a five year old who shares some of your son's tastes.

Funkytown by Lipps, Inc.

Low Rider by War

The soundtrack to Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
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Or how about some Electroswing, also Krafty Kuts, Ed Solo... or a Nu Disco mix
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this dream pop compilation! dancey sugary pop goodness that i'd imagine kids would dig. plus, the cover has a unicorn in space.
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oh! and this valerie and friends compilation as well. (the valerie collective rules, by the way.)
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Weirdly (or not), the original soundtrack to Hairspray might just fit your bill.
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They Might Be Giants
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Arashi is a Jpop boyband filled with bouncy rainbows and sparkles and occasionally mangled English phrases: my friends and I used to listen to them in college when we were cleaning or needed musical motivation. Try Kitto Daijoubu, Love so Sweet, A.Ra.Shi, Step and Go, and Wish.

(Also, if he's ever seen One Piece, definitely look at NEWS's Sayaendou music video, which features a bunch of grown men singing about peas. As in the vegetable.)
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Actually, yeah, TMBG is the answer. If he has not yet discovered Weird Al, this may also be the time for that.
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Does this situation not possibly call for some early Depeche Mode, 80's-era Devo or Kraftwerk of the first water?
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How about my personal cheerleader, Yelle?

Note: I don't speak French and cannot vouch for the nature of the content.
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Blue by Eiffel 65

Aqua - Barbie Girl

Bonus for teaching me a new word (tombola):

The worst songs of the 1990s.
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I Love It by Icona Pop.

Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting-Tings.

Bitter Rivals by Sleigh Bells.

Pretty much everything by The Go Team.

My boy recently got an iPod too, and his earwormy rabbit hole has become classic rock, mainly Bon Jovi and Queen. Lots to explore there.

and oh god one of the bands that came out when i was in high school is now classic rock oh god i am old
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I recommend Family Force 5. They are cheesy and do a lot of electronic sounds, but mixed with pop and a bit of rap and even metal.
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