Help me style my new boots!
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I bought these boots and I'm looking for cute but casual ways to wear them. Point me in the direction of specific looks, blogs, stores, or any general ideas of how you would wear them.

I put together a little pinboard of a couple of looks (mainly leggings and a tube/straight/slight A-line skirt) that I had in mind when I got the boots. Jeans are obvious, but I'm kind of stuck on what other options I have.

This one's not too snowflakey:
• I live in a very temperate climate, so these boots are really about form rather than function. Pairing them with sweaters is fine, but I'm really not going to be getting too bundled up.

• If you have specific ideas about the ideas I pinned I'd love to see them.

• I'm curvy but do not want to wear long or baggy things that attempt to "disguise" my curves. On the other hand, I'm old enough that I don't want to wear a leggings/top combo that looks like I'm wearing a catsuit.

• Definitely err on the side of dressed-down and casual. I consider the pinboard looks I picked as "dressed up" as I want to go.

• Definitely no frills or lace.

• Definitely not this look, mostly because of the bagginess.

• I'll wear these with tights and leggings, but can wear them with bare legs, too, if that's part of a current look.
BONUS QUESTION: Does this jacket go with these boots? Even though it is a coat, it's very lightweight and I wonder if it still works with suede.
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Best answer: I just got this Super Skirt and it is super -- lovely fabric, super-soft and a great weight, and cut wonderfully. It's like wearing nothing. And it matches your boots; you just need some crazy-colour tights. Or leggings, or socks -- I have a pair of tall suede boots and a thick pair of bright dark pink knee high socks that are fun with neutral skirts.

Nice coat, don't think it goes; wrong seasons, poor match overall.

A grey sweater dress would be great but perhaps too warm/dressy?
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Best answer: I love the idea of these kind of rough, tough boots with leggings and boho type tunic tops, a little floaty and hippie chick looking, though not necessarily super femme or ruffly at all.
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Have you thought of something sort of Equestrian style, it's a look that dresses up and down really well. A nice fitted jacket is flattering to most body types and you can dress it down by wearing it with skinny jeans instead of jodhpur style pants. This would also work with a longish boyfriend style cardigan which you could belt to show off your curves and would be a more dressed down option than a "riding" style jacket.

Love the jacket/coat you linked to, I personally wouldn't wear it with boots, as kmennie said I think it just doesn't seem to go, I would totally wear it with something else though and am wondering if I don't eat for the rest of the month if I can afford it.
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That coat screams spring and is lightweight fabric - and therefore a lighter and even more delicate shoe is in line. No boots, please! The blue boots are to die for and your pins look right on. Wear them in good health, as the saying goes.
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Love the boots, and love the coat... but not together.
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Best answer: Those boots are great! And I'd wear them with just about anything... a simple knee-length black skirt and top, for example. You don't need tights. Knee socks are perfect for this, as they keep the boots from sticking to your calves, and it's nice to have a small bit of sock peaking over the tops of the boots. So I'd suggest buying a pair of black cotton knee socks. It's okay if your knees show below the skirt and above your boots.

The colors are different, but I found a few examples on Pinterest.
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I don't see that any of your images contain A-line or pleated skirts. I think they look great with tall boots, like this.
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Response by poster: I'm so glad you all put the kibosh on the coat! I think I was just looking for an excuse to buy it buy it because it was so pretty.

It's funny how totally foreign the concept of wearing boots or dressing seasonally is to me so all these suggestions are interesting and helpful.

kmennie: "I just got this Super Skirt and it is super"

I love this! I'm going to see about possibly ordering a couple of them in different colors, and I love the striped tights/leggings they're shown with, too.

Oh, and the knee socks? I never would have thought of that and it looks so fun.
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