Framing double-sided posters
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I've got several double-sided posters, A3 sized, which I'd like to frame for display so that they could be regularly turned around.

The posters are double-sided movie schedules from the 1990s for an art-house cinema that's since closed down; of sentimental value to me but otherwise worthless. I'd like to be able to put them up properly so that every month or two there's a different side, more or less as they were meant to be displayed. (The cinema printed six a year, two months on each).

Is this possible? What kind of framing am I after? And is it likely to be very expensive?
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While looking for (more traditional) ways to frame my own posters recently, I saw an option for Wexel frames, which are transparent frames that allow you to easily remove whatever's framed. This could be a good option for you--you just have to slip the poster out, turn it around, and slip it back in--though I'd be concerned about what constant handling would do to them.

Framing in general tends to be very expensive. I was quoted $200-400 for each of my posters from the big chains. We have a local framing shop that offers discount packages and even lets you DIY part of the process so it's cheaper; maybe you have something like that, or a framing outlet store, in your area?
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I've seen double sided posters hung suspended from the ceiling in frames that then served as room dividers. Doesn't exactly answer your question but may inspire an alternative that then permits you to see both sides at all times!
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Best answer: Maybe something like this?
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Best answer: You want a double-sided clip frame. Get them from a display supplier. Here is an example.
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Response by poster: Yes those kinds of floating clipping frames are exactly the kind of thing I'm after. Perfect. Thank you.
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Best answer: Additional info about double-sided clip frames.

They're designed to display two posters, one each side of a piece of coreflute. If you want to display one, double-sided poster, you need to order a clipframe that is larger than the poster, and get yourself two cardboard mounting mats (ie, rectangles the size of the clipframe with a hole the size of the poster in the middle. You then put the poster between the two mats, and insert this "sandwich" between the two glass sheets of the clip frame. A little bit of double sided tape will hold the poster in place between the mounting mats. The mats need to be sufficient thickness to make teh clips on the clip-frame hold tight.
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