Wanted: A Blog To Help Me Find Clever Music Videos
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I like music videos that feature clever ideas, wittily executed, and I'm hoping to find a music video blog curated by somebody with similar taste. Some of videos I've enjoyed include Her Morning Elegance, Woke Up New, Bad M*therF*cker, and anything by Spike Jonze or Michel Gondry. What blogger (or tweeter) will help me find more videos I love?

I should note that I know about Cliptip, but I find they put an emphasis on big-budget production value rather than quirky clever ideas.

And Antville frequently has great stuff but I never manage to keep up with it. Sadly, my video-watching time is fairly limited; I'm hoping to find a blogger who a dozen videos each week, and just post the one or two I'm most likely to like...
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(Oops-- that should be, "I'm hoping to find a blogger who looks at a dozen video each week, and just posts the one or two I'm most likely to like.")
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