How to repair or camouflage naugahyde upholstery
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Sofa cushions with seriously broken and slightly protruding vinyl or naugahyde upholstery. Fixable, or at least coverable?

See the photographic evidence of a vinyl sofa whose cushions have broken upholstery. Some of the broken pieces are missing (we have lost some of the original surface area), hence the remaining portion cannot be stretched together. Some folded-back portions stick up slightly, making typical slipcovers impracticable. The unusual aquamarine colour complicates things. Damage is present on all four faces of the sofa's only two cushions; the rest of the sofa (and a matching chair) are fine.

How does one repair this damage? Or, if not possible, how does one cover it up so the shape of the damaged portion is not visible and does not protrude through the cover? (What material would one use there?)

I'm suspicious of duct tape, by the way, which I think will be even more obvious through a sheer slipcover. (You can get it in blue, but it's a bright blue that matches as badly as silver does.)
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From the invaluable This-to-That adhesive site:

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From This-to-That, once again:
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