Looking for a do-everything photo storage site
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My wife is trying to find a photo-hosting site for her organization, but is having a problem locating one that meets her criteria.

She's looking for one that:
-people can order prints of the photos in the gallery
-when they order prints, there is limited editing they can do, like removing redeye or cropping
-they can right-click on the photos and save them down in the resolution they were uploaded
-unlimited storage
-not hosted in another country. otherwise ordered prints have to come from England or wherever

She knows this sort of site will cost $$ so that's no problem.
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the same host do all these things?
posted by CrazyJoel at 10:30 AM on September 28, 2005

Response by poster: yep. it's a tall order, I know.
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Check out imagestation.com. Getting the original full-res image is more trouble than a right-click, but it is available.

I think their photos are shipped from the USA. You don't say what country you're in.
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Does Coppermine have any e-commerce extensions?
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Response by poster: We're in the US, so imagestation might be viable.
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Hmm. Fotki does all of those things... except the only print-editing feature they offer is cropping -- they don't have an online red-eye removal tool that I'm aware of.

Paid accounts ($50/yr) have unlimited storage.

I've had a paid Fotki account for over 2 years now and am quite happy with it, as are my friends who come to view and download my photos. Prices have risen over time, however; annual accounts used to be $30. Their print prices are very competitive, though.
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Check out smugmug.com. I'm not very familiar with it, but it might meet your needs.
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