Help Me Find This Woven Cat Blanket
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My friend has this woven throw blanket with cats on it that she's had since she was a little kid (ie 1994 or so). It's getting sort of threadbare now and I would really like to find the exact same blanket and give it to her for Christmas this year, but I have no idea what kind of blanket it is nor do I know who might have made hers. I figure it's either super rare, or crazy ubiquitous, but "cat woven throw" yields weird results on Google. Better leads needed, please!
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The search term you need is "cat tapestry throw". You can also add woven or blanket to those search strings, but using that I found a lot of cat themed throws in the same/similar feel and style ... but not the pattern. It may be very difficult to find an identical one, but I found some darling ones at various sites. How about gifting her one in the same style but with a different pattern? Then she will have two favorite blankets....
(not linking, but that simple search should bring many to choose from.)
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Use the word "afghan" in your search if throw isn't getting you anywhere.

Had a bunch of blankets like this draping the backs of couches growing up--I only ever heard them referred to as afghans.
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I don't know where you live, but if it's in North America you should get yourself to some county fairs. I have seen that exact blanket at every county fair I have ever been to (in Ontario, Canada).

It's a bit more time consuming than a good google find might be, but county fairs are fun outings anyway.
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I seriously doubt they'd let you use this to directly copy the throw, but maybe you could get some pictures of cats of hers or friends and family cats and have a new one made?

Another good keyword: jacquard
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I googled 'striped cat tapestry throw' and got a bajillion image results all very similar to yours. I don't have time to search all of the images, but there you go. You might also try contacting one of the tapestry throw companies and seeing if they can source it for you.
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I did some reverse image searching and got nothing, you might want to look into Etsy custom work if you have the money and none of the other suggestions here work out for you.
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