Where can I buy this photo?
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Who took this photo? Where can I buy it?

I think the picture's gorgeous — the lighting and composition arresting, the message inspiring, the woman mysterious. I'd like to see the whole photo, buy it, get a print or, better yet, buy a poster.

I saw the photo on boston.com, in this small, cropped version. Judging from its location on boston.com, it wasn't taken by their staff photographers, it's a Third Party Photo, and, sadly, there was no attribution on the web page.

The googles, the google images, the photo websites, they leave my eyes spinning, but do not divulge who took it. Do you recognize it? Or, alternatively, what is a good way to track down something like this?
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Did you try contacting the webmaster or Web Editor for the Boston Globe and asking them?
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Did you try contacting the webmaster or Web Editor for the Boston Globe and asking them?

Yes, the first thing I did was search the Contact Us pages for boston.com and the Boston Globe, but couldn't find anyone to contact for a question like this. (I.e., I don't want to manage my subscription, buy a classified ad, or write a letter to the editor.)
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The Contact page has a phone number for general questions about the website. I imagine it would be awkward asking an operator about an image on the website, but she may be able to provide you with an email address or number with someone in the design department.

Looks like a stock photo, so I don't know how possible it would be to get a full sized poster, but it's worth a shot.
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here it is on istockphoto.com
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for what it's worth, the image has no embedded metadata (that i can see).
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Thank you, itesser!
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