Help me find a movie!
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Please help me identify this movie. I've forgotten everything about it except one scene.

Hey guys,

Please help me identify this movie. I remember there being the word "school" in the title somewhere. I only remember one scene from it:

The guy invites the girl to his apartment, at the same time explaining that he puts everything in his room to impress girls and that she's the first girl to visit his apartment (I remember there was a coffin on the floor that he uses as a table).

The girl then proceeds to find pictures of her lying around. The guy now has some explanations to do. He explains to her (not exact words) "because I'm completely, desperately in love with you." The girl points at herself in disbelief. "Me?" She asked.

And that's all I remember. Thanks for any help I can get!

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I think this is Andrew McCarthy and Ally Sheedy in St Elmo's Fire.
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Oh wow, you guys are awesome! Thanks so much!
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