Excercise bike recommendations?
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What are some good models of home exercise bikes that are 1) quiet, 2) compact, 3) reliable, and 4) reasonable priced? What are some good local shops for them in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro?

I recently started exercising at home using this exercise bike, which I like (quiet, takes up little space, etc), except that it's an unreliable piece of crap that doesn't seem to be able to withstand more than two weeks of light use (n=2). I guess I got what I paid for, but I was hoping it would last for at least a year given the Amazon reviews. I don't want to chance another purchase based on them, so I'm hoping someone here has one they like that they can recommend.

I watch TV while biking, so I need a quiet bike. AirDynes are out (my parents offered me their old one, but it's too big and loud). I also would like something compact, since I live in a smallish apartment. I'm also willing to spend more than $120 now, since I think I might have finally found an exercise pattern that works for me.
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I sympathize, I had a similar bike from Amazon and it was pretty junky. I think you get what you pay for with those things, unfortunately. You might be better off trying to find a sturdier model used on Craigslist.
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i'd check out schwinn exercise bikes. i have an older model schwinn recumbent bike and i love it. the newer models look a lot less cumbersome but they have upright models too. mine is really well made and i started out on an inexpensive bike i bought at target and then upgraded once i got into using it regularly. it's really very quiet too as the wheel is not on the floor and recumbent is better for your back and neck. i have had mine for many years but admit i don't use it very much but got it on sale for $400 at a local exercise equipment retail store. definitely find out when those stores have their sales as i got mine for several hundred dollars off.
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We have one of the Schwinn uprights and it lasted for about 5 years of moderate use before the resistance mechanism failed. Decent bang for the buck.
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you could check out bicycle trainers, especially if you already own a normal bike. I have a kurt kinetic (~$300) and I love it. I've had it for about six years and never had any problems with it. It's also very durable - i've moved it to different apartments at least five times. It's fairly quiet, reasonably light and easy to store.
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