Looking for a hip hop track about a trumpeter... De La Soul, maybe?
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So: the year was 1994? 1995? And I was obsessed with late night radio shows. I was driving around DC in the very, very early hours when a peculiar song came on the radio. It was during a hiphop show I think on Howard U's station. This song had a subtle beat playing under it but was pretty ambient. What was featured was a man's voice talking about playing the trumpet as a jazzer. Telling his own story (or so I remember). Interspersed was some rapping and a little trumpet playing. The effect was sublime. And I loved it. I waited until the DJ read off the songlist and I think he credited to De la Soul. Well, it either is or it isn't: all these years have passed and I've not found the track. Help?
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I might be wrong, but I don't think it's a De La song (or if it is, it's a relatively obscure one).
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Is it US3 - Cantaloop?
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Digable Planets - Rebirth of Slick?
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Response by poster: not contaloop, not rebirth of the slick.

The majority of the track is a man talking, not rapping at all... like he is just telling a story. Thanks for the help! If we find it I think it will be rewarding!
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You may be thinking of De La Soul's "I Be Blowin," featuring Maceo Parker, though he plays the saxophone and doesn't speak again after introducing himself.
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Not De La Soul, not a trumpet, not 1994, but could it be "Jazz Corner of the World (Introduction to Birdland)" from Quincy Jones' 1989 album Back On The Block?
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1996, talking about drums not trumpet... so doesn't tick all your boxes by any means, but your description triggered the memory very strongly in me of DJ Shadow - Building Steam with a Grain of Salt
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Response by poster: Thanks for the responses!

Not Quincy Jones. Not DJ Shadow (but it was great to hear that track again!)

HMMM! Re: "I Be Blowin" that's a possibility... I wonder if the DJ was mixing in some kind of spoken work material on the broadcast I was listening to. The effect really was that I was hearing fragments of a players story. And my memory, for all the good it is, my memory is telling me that it was a trumpet player with an unusual technique... subtle trills and quartertones.

So my memory says this isn't it. Might have been mixed into the set I was listening to...

I really appreciate the help!
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My immediate reaction was "I Be Blowin" as well.

RIP Maceo.
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Maybe something by the Roots? They have a trumpet player.
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Longshot, but maybe Gang Starr's 'Jazz Thing,' or something from Guru's 'Jazzmatazz' albums?
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Soul II Soul's Jazzie's Groove? if not, it's sure in the same vein...
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Miles Davis' Doo-Bop?
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Here's a random guess: Time is Moving On by Donald Byrd & Guru from the Red Hot & Cool compilation. From 1994.
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Best answer: Or more likely Loungin by Donald Byrd & Guru from the first Jazzmatazz album.
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I am almost positive this can't be it, and I can't find a sample longer than thirty seconds for you to listen to, but I am going to toss it out anyway because the era is right and the song's topic is a match: Trumpet Man (A Tribute to Miles Davis) by Damian Dame.
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"We Got the Jazz" by Tribe Called Quest? (Sorry on phone can't link easily)
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I'm on my phone so can't find a link, but you might be thinking of a track from the soundtrack of Spike Lee's Mo Better Blues. It's sort of a spoken word jazz thing featuring Denzel Washington talking about jazz. I will look for a link when I'm on my computer.
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On second thought, maybe not, but here is the track I was talking about.
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