Angry violent current hip-hop?
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I'm obsessed with Run the Jewels and Killer Mike, and am a fan of Death Grips. What are some other current hip-hop/rap artists who are mining the angry, violent vein of hip-hop? (and Yeezus doesn't count.) Stuff that makes you bang your head and shout lyrics that would scare the locals. Anyone really killing it in the related field of gangsta rap storytelling would be welcome as well.
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Well, you mention Killer Mike. I can't stop listening to the track Big Beast, which also features Bun B. and T.I. I think some of Bun B.'s stuff might work for you - check out his album Trill O.G. from 2010. He's coming out with a new release this year, I think.

Royce da 5'9" is pretty angry and wonderful. I like his ShadyMegaMix remix of Beamer, Benz, or Bentley.

And DMX released a new album in 2012; he's pretty mad. I can't recommend specific tracks, unfortunately, but the album was well-received.
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Response by poster: I almost put up a link to "Big Beast" to illustrate what I'm looking for.
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P.O.S. is the first artist that came to my mind, especially his latest record: We Don't Even Live Here [MySpace, Bandcamp, iTunes]. His anger/violence is almost entirely politically motivated, so if you're not a leftist, I might not recommend it quite so strongly. Example: "Fuck Your Stuff."
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Royce, M.O.P., Freddie Gibbs, Chief Keef (sorta), Clipse (and Pusha-T), King Louie, Meek Mill, Sean Price, Waka Flocka Flame -- some of them are angry voiced, and some are chill-voiced with an angry vibe.
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Forgive me if this is too obvious, but have you tried El-P's Cancer 4 Cure? He's the other half of Run the Jewels.
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Can you give a year for "current?" Like, this year, or something like 2011 to now?
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Crooked I (feat. Ras Kass, Kurupt) - 3 The Hard Way

Kid Vishis Ft Royce Da 5'9 - Straight Out Of Detroit

Prodigy - Give 'Em Hell

Prodigy - Bear Meat

950 Plus - Bubblin Hard

Quake - I Stand Alone feat. Royce da 5'9 & Kayo

DMP - We Ain't Playin

Grafh Feat Raekwon - Cold BackHand

Slaughter Rico - Yall Wont Do Shit

Sean Price - How Sean Price Stole Christmas
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Female rappers here:
Eternia & Moss (To the Future, Pass That, 32 Bars),
JenRO (she has a 2012 and 2010 album, but the one I know is the 2007 album, e.g., Wake Up),
A few songs from Khia (Fuck Dem Other Hoes).
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Freddie Gibbs. Check out the song thuggin' and then get the bfk mixtape if you liked it.
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Tyler the Creator.
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