Tips on getting a job in Healthcare?
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I am trying to make a career change. I'm really interested in healthcare but I'm having trouble breaking in. Most non entry-level jobs require direct healthcare experience but I only have some indirect experience (a couple healthcare clients from 5 years of traditional marketing/consulting). Any tips for someone looking to make a career change? Thanks!
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"Healthcare" is a pretty broad area. Can you be more specific?
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For example - do you want to work for a provider of healthcare (including as an administrator), in public health, health policy, government health programs...
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Also, your general location might help.
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Do you want to do the same kind of work you did in your marketing/consulting? Do you have a good relationship with those healthcare clients?

It would really help if you could flesh out this question, like, a lot.
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Clerks/Unit Assistants are basically like a secretary on a hospital floor. You need admin experience but you will get a lot of exposure to medical language and personnel which could help you learn more about the different jobs in the field.
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