I want to "elope" in my home town
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Planning my wedding in Atlanta - looking for a place for a really, really small wedding that's nice and not too expensive.

So! I'm getting married! Sometime in December, I think. I live in Atlanta and after much discussion, I think I want to go really small on the actual ceremony - either just the two of us or the two of us and our 5 kids. Ideally, I'd like the day to go as follows:
- Wedding at a pretty place - the potential size of the guest list could range from 2 if it's just us, 7 if we include our kids, or even all the way up to approximately 20-30 if we decided to include our extended family
- Dinner after the event for up to 30 people
- Large party after dinner for all our friends

I think I've got the large party venue down - probably the Decatur area but I'm stuck on the actual wedding location. I'd like it to be pretty - one place I've looked at is the Decatur Courthouse - but I don't want to spend a lot of money or have a fancy event. I just want us to be somewhere nice where we can look at each other and exchange our vows. Can anyone recommend a place like this where we could do this and/or possibly a restaurant for afterwards where we could have some good food in a private room.

*Upon re-reading, just noticed I've thrown those "I"s around like I'm the only person getting married. I'm aware that there is a second person involved. That's actually the best part. :) Also, I really had no idea what category to put this in.
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My wife and I got married in the Botanical Garden by Piedmont Park with a very small group (~10), and that was beautiful as well as being inexpensive , but it might be a little chilly for December.
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I got married in the Fulton County Courthouse, it was a blast. The kids that came with other couples sat in the jury box. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly touching all around.
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The old Decatur courthouse is gorgeous, but crazy expensive. Like, breathtakingly so.

I know you said December, but what about the gazebo in the square, behind the courthouse? There are tons of awesome nooks on the Agnes Scott campus, too, which you could probably use free or for a modest fee (check with the development office). There's a great gazebo there, Presser quad is stunning, and the teeny little observatory is quite cool and a perfect size for a tiny group (and indoors!).
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We got married in the (current) DeKalb Courthouse and it was fun, but not pretty. I see people getting married in or outside the old courthouse all the time, and also in the bandstand on the square. Other really pretty indoor places in Decatur are the chapels at Agnes Scott and Columbia Seminary. Those might be pricier, though.

My current favorite private room dining in Atlanta is the Cellar at The Wrecking Bar in Little 5 Points. It is seriously an old stone cellar (well, the whole bar is, but the Cellar is a separate room). The kids would love it, and the food is fantastic. Another fun, intimate experience that's getting rave reviews is The Paper Plane in the back of the newish Victory Sandwich in Decatur.
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