Looking for a job/community site for developers
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As an editor and localiser, I currently use a job site / web community which offers the following features: (1) allows my profile to be sent to potential clients without me having to apply for jobs - they then contact me with details of the job; (2) allows users to rate clients as well as clients to rate users; (3) allows users to post sensible rates and descriptions of work undertaken; (4) allows users to discuss on forums and support each other answering questions about jobs they're doing. Mr LB is now looking for a similar website in IT development and I'm wondering if there is one.

Note: I have explored many of the freelancer.com, elance, oDesk etc. services and found them lacking, either expecting you to take tests on their own systems (not your level of expertise in your area) or asking for fees in return for very little. I also found that people undercut my sensible fees so it was never worth going for a job. I'm going to assume the same would happen for soon-to-be-Mr-Lyzzybee.

Note 2: I'm not looking for other recommendations on how he should market himself at the moment - assume we have that covered. It's specific recommendations, preferably by people with experience in the field and of using the service, that I'm looking for right now.

We're based in the UK but I have clients all around the world, so I assume he will have in time, too.

Thank you!
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I don't know if it will meet your criteria, but there is Group Talent. I have zero firsthand experience with the site since I am not a developer. I was offered a membership when they acquired something I did belong to. I never filled it out because it is too developer-oriented for me.
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