where can cars be sold parts only
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Is there a place on the internet with a list of every state and whether not it is legal to sell cars there as "Parts Only" (i.e., without a title)? If not, does anyone happen to know this information off-hand?
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Ah, could you clarify the question? Because it almost sounds like you want to illegally sell a stolen car to a chop shop or something.

Questions about illegal activities have a way of not lasting long around here.

So maybe some details of what you're really looking to do would help get some answers and/or expedite deletion.
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Response by poster: Oh gosh, nothing like that! I work for a company that processes car donations, and sometimes donors don't have titles for their vehicles. In some states, we can still accept the cars, and in some, we can't. I'd love to have a handy reference guide about this instead of having to research it every time. Hope this clears things up!
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Seems like there are several charities that do this. Maybe you could call one up and ask if they'd be willing to share their list?
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Response by poster: As far as I'm aware, there are no charities that handle the logistics of their own car donations. That's why the job is tasked out to companies like mine.
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1) The American Lung Association says they handle their own donations in their commercials.

2) I'm surprised any state lets people transfer ownership of cars without title.

3) I'm aware of no clearinghouse for this type of information. You might have to just go to the DMV/Revenue/Secretary of State websites and compile it yourself.
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Yeah, I'm surprised that none of them (or very few) handle this stuff themselves.

Seconding calling the DMVs of states. It's gonna be a PITA to do, but at least once it's done, it's done.
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