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What I have: a domain name and an idea for a simple website. What I need: someone to update the content a few times a week.

Without giving away too much information, the site will be focused on a particular aspect of American football. The updates will not require much work - maybe a couple hours a week, updating the site to reflect the latest information on the specific topic.

Let's say I want someone to do these updates, and I'll offer them a cut of the ad revenues or a weekly stipend or some sort of payment. What's the best way to find someone for the job?
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Are you looking for a skilled writer who can come up with quality content, or just simply updating statistics and the like?
The Gigs section of Craigslist is where jobs like these often show up. Just be sure to describe what you're looking for very clearly in the ad, so that skilled sports writers aren't applying for a simple web updating gig (and vice-versa). On the freelancer's side, it can be very frustrating.
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Craigslist is pretty standard, though you could also try a college newspaper.
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Post your position on freelance writing websites - here is a good list:
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OLeachat: Definitely not a skilled writer who needs to come up with quality content. Ideally just a fan of the sport who would be familiar with the topic and where/how to find the latest information.

Thanks for the craigslist tip.
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You can also look at in the forum for "freelance writers." Make a post and you will get dozens of responses from qualified people. You'll have more success if the compensation is more concrete rather than something abstract like a cut of your ad revenues. Freelance writers still need to pay the bills. Would you accept a job not knowing what you were going to get paid?

If you want to place yourself in line with content mills, $20 for a 4-500 word update is about the norm. Otherwise, you can submit the assignments to, but you will get different writers claiming them each time unless you are doing direct orders. You can also use Odesk or Elance.
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FWIW _ I flag all Craigslist Computer Gig ads that only offer a "cut of the website revenue" (and I know I'm not alone because those ads disappear) because I figure that if there really was any revenue to actually be had then the job poster could afford to pay me. I'd recommend Craigslist computer Gigs section if you are in a reasonable sized city and offer from $12 to $15 an hour for the updating.
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