Light fixture/ceiling shade mystery.
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Looking for plain shades for light bulbs in the ceiling. Having a heck of a time finding the right search terms to find something to buy something online. Pictures and details inside.

Just moved into a great new apartment, but we are having trouble finding shades for the lights on the ceiling. We have some pot lights and built-in track lighting here and there, but there are 4 singular light bulbs sticking out of the ceiling like this: lonely bulb.

The tenant before us left behind a shade on one of the light bulbs, and we're looking for replacement shades because we don't want to put in any kind of complicated light fixture or pendant lighting or affix anything to the ceiling. The shade from the previous tenant looks like this: not exactly our taste, but we want something that attaches to the bulb the same way.

We've been to lighting specialty stores, a few home stores, and IKEA. Most stores stock the round bamboo kind of shades with no opening on the other end. We need to find shades like the one above - open on both ends - but preferably in a plain, less dragon-y style.

Any idea on what search terms to use or where we might be able to find something suitable? It looks like we might have to buy something online, as we can't find anything in stores here (Abu Dhabi). Asking the previous tenant is out (no way to contact her). We've tried searching through all kinds of lighting websites and even tried eBay, but I feel like we must be searching for the wrong thing.

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I believe you're looking for a pendant lamp shade, sometimes called a hanging lamp shade.

Unfortunately, pendant lighting refers to anything that hangs down from the ceiling, so this category also includes full on light fixture replacements. There are good examples of what you're looking for here, and yes Ikea carries these as well.

Just be aware that if you end up with a paper shade, you'll want to keep the bulb wattage to a minimum.
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Response by poster: Thanks, SteveInMaine.

I promise not to threadsit, but a lot of the pendant lamp shades that we see online don't have the same kind of structure (?) as the picture I posted - i.e. they won't just attach to the light bulb by being screwed in with the bulb itself. The lighting department people at IKEA showed me the openings for their lamps and they won't fit on the bulb.

Another issue is that a lot of lighting websites that sell shades don't show where the shade attaches to the light bulb, so it's tough to judge whether or not it will work.

Okay, I'm done.
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Ballard Designs has the 'Celine Clip On Ceiling Shade', though it looks a little pricey at $89. I googled 'clip on ceiling shade' and came up with a bunch of likely possibilities.
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Best answer: "bulb clip" shades are the term you're looking for. You can get an adapter here that will convert any shade into a bulb-clip shade. (Or here for candelabra bulbs.)
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And here is a cheapie Home Depot item that would work. Not terribly stylish, but functional.
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I'd remove the $7 fixture and buy and install one that I liked. You can always put it back when you move out.

Hanging a new fixture is pretty easy and straight forward.

You can get some great fixtures at around $20 at a big box retailer.
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Best answer: A fixture like that is normally intended to be furnished with a globe-type bulb, just FYI. From the looks it has a contemporary design, rather than being a mere basic bulb receptacle from the bargain bin at the hardware store. A globe would offer more diffuse light that would not need a shade. The last tenant probably just put a standard bulb in it because that's all they had. Well, I guess I can't say whether the bulb was chosen for the shade or vice versa. All I'm saying is that that fixture was not designed to have a standard, puny bulb in it.
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