How do connect a neckless globe to this light socket?
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DIY Light Fixture: I want to connect a neckless globe like this to a swag cord like this.

This is the look I'm going for.

The globes are easy to find. They typically have 5.25in openings for the 12in+ diameter versions.

The cord I am considering has a plastic lamp shade ring. But I don't really know how to combine this with the above globe.

I have found fixtures like this that are made to go on posts. It's not clear to me if I can combine it with a swag cord and hang it upside down. A company in New Zealand appears to have what I want. But I am in the US.

Anyone know how to find the adapter I need? Alternatively, I am open to a different approach. I just don't want a globe with an extruded opening.
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Best answer: Grand Brass carries these sorts of parts. Search their site on "neckless".
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If there is an Ikea near you, check out a pendant shade. These typically have a simple 2-piece wire frame at the opening that lightly clamps the cord to attach the shade. You could get one and strip out the wire frame to use, but it is questionable whether it would support the weight of your globe. Sorry I can't find a pic of the wire, but one look and you will see how it works, and it is pretty easy to fashion one yourself from stronger wire if needed.
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