What are some amazeball things I can do with this mini-projector?
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I received this handheld 3M mini projector as a gift, and while it's practical uses are minimal, I'm looking to the twisted hivemind for ideas on what I could do to utilize this to freak people out, do guerrilla marketing, or anything else for fun. FYI: it works well with an iPod touch to stream video to it.

So, my questions I guess would be:
-Are there are examples of people using mini projectors (or other projectors) in public with great results?
-Are there free videos or tutorials out there that I could use for home brew Pepper Ghost type effects?
-What other kinds of mayhem or fun uses could this have?
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You might look into VJ software.

Video Projection Tool is a freeware example.
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Make a projector puppet
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Try projecting on to weird surfaces - into incense smoke, bubbles filled with smoke, unusual fabrics. But especially smoke - the projection becomes 3-D. Another example.
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If you have to wait in a long line, you could project a movie onto a wall or ceiling so everyone can enjoy it. Instant stress reducer.

Set it up in the bathroom when you have a party and project some ghosts or Norman Bates-ish stuff onto the shower curtain to scare your guests.

Do something Candid Camera-ish... hide it at a mall and set it to project something odd at intervals and then capture the reactions.

As far as what to project - what kind of input resources do you have? Could you video yourself live interacting with people at a the mall, and project that? Like, you are hidden somewhere but you can see them through a screen, then you act like on a green screen and project your image so it looks like it is interacting with them - picking something out of their hair, or tapping someone on the shoulder, even though your image is just projected.
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Play music videos or art videos at parties. or porn on the ceiling with your sweetie
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I'd be curious to hear about what you try, OP! Especially if you give bedroom cieling projection a shot (for watching anything). It would be an interesting option for small bedrooms that can't fit a screen.
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How about a miniature drive in movie? Get a buncha matchbox cars, little screen, tiny popcorn bags... Invite a friend and enjoy.
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Perhaps this video of an R2-D2 cake that actually projects a message from Princess Leia can give you some ideas.

A (hollowed out) book that projects the movie version of the book?

Project the output of a public transit app at a bus stop/train station?

(Check your local laws re. gorilla marketing and projectors. Some cities are cracking down on unauthorized public projections.)
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mobile drive in cinema from your car (if the projector projects big enough)

then use a FM transmitter to tranmit the audi to other cars that are watching.
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