What music do fashionistas love in July/August 2013?
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I might need to produce some promotional video for an upcoming fashion festival and am a little in the dark as to the sort of music favoured by fashion-y people. I have a reasonable handle on what's trendy and/or trending among those who follow music (as opposed to clothes), but I'm hoping that some fashion-industry mefites could help me out with what sort of music might be playing in July 2013 during runway shows, or in the studios of designers as they work, or through the headphones of people working in the most in-demand casting agencies... I hope you get what I mean.

The fashions on display during the festival will range from streetwear to swimwear to couture to high street, so the scope is fairly broad.
I do realise that individual tastes will vary but am hoping to get a broad sense of what fashionistas are into right now. I also do plan on getting ideas from the people running the festival, but I won't be able to meet with them for some time and I'd like to get a start on sourcing music and/or musical genres.
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I watch a lot of Project Runway and Fashion Police. House music seems to be the thing most models 'walk' to. I call it 'thump-thump' music.

Start there.
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Fashion Week 2013 NYC story from CNN.
NYmag story on same subject
Elle story
I wouldn't go by TV shows because they're using whatever the network's got a deal with from ASCAP.

YouTube has a lot of videos of Fashion Week.
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Try Opening Ceremony (http://www.openingceremony.us/). They host mixes from a lot of up and coming acts, but more importantly they usually have blog entries , recordings and writeups of the music played during Fashion Week shows and other events.
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