Looking for an unusual spa and for gluten-free dining in Victoria, BC
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I'm traveling to Victoria, BC with a friend. Are there any spas in Victoria that are unlike the spas we could find here in Seattle? Also: any restaurant recommendations for an omnivore and a gluten-free pescetarian?

In past travels we've been to a Korean spa near here for scrubs, to the Russian baths in NYC, and to a Turkish bath in Budapest. If there's a massage-and-fluffy-towel sort of spa we shouldn't miss please tell me, but I'm especially interested in ones that are unusual.

We'll be staying in downtown Victoria and won't have a car, but we both enjoy walking.
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The outdoor pools at the Boathouse Spa are amazing. The spa treatments themselves aren't all that unique but it's a nice atmosphere.
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Rebar for dining. It's a bit of a Victoria mainstay.
I also have had some great meals at 10 Acres.
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Best answer: Mo:Lé is a great spot for breakfast and they have gluten-free options. For spas, check out Silk Road. It's a tea store and spa that specializes in locally-made and organic products.
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Silk Roat tea is amazing. Their Green Dragon Pu-erh tea is chinese semi-green tea with peppermint and it is unbelievable. No experience with their spa but my friends have enjoyed it.
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Response by poster: Mo:Le was so good we ate there twice. We got massages and facials at Silk Road and they were disappointing -- nothing wrong with them but just not our style (they were too gentle and New Age and ineffective).

It turns out Victoria is a great place to go if you have to eat gluten-free. My friend was able to find plenty of food, everywhere. Even the Catholic cathedral we wandered in to offered gluten-free Communion.
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