Yellow Watermelon in the Boston Area?
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Boyfriend and I had some wonderful watermelon salad at Stella in the south end, for which they gave us the most basic recipe. Tastes delicious, even out of my kitchen, but their version had red and yellow watermelon, and I can only find red. Anybody know of a source in the Boston or north suburban area to find yellow?
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Whole Foods, maybe? I feel like I've seen it there.
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Market Basket tends to have a wide variety of produce. You might have luck there.
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I'm not in your area, but yellow watermelon is very popular in Vietnamese cuisine (dưa hấu ruột vàng), so you may find them at an Asian market.
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I've seen it at Whole Foods. I can't tell you whether they have it now.
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Market Basket pretty definitely wouldn't, at least I've not seen/noticed it in my local one in the last 5 years. Whole Foods might. H-Mart in Burlington might, or the Super-88. Possibly the Haymarket, you never can tell. I'd start by phoning H-Mart.
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Response by poster: H-Mart! They seem to always have everything, and I always forget to check them.
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Russo's in Watertown had yellow watermelons when I was there last week.
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