basic personality theory textbook
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I'm looking for a basic textbook on personality theory.

I am a grad student in school psychology. At this point we are expected to know the basics of personality theory, but none of my classes have previously focused on it. Can anyone recommend a textbook that covers the basics of personality theory? I saw this post, but I am ideally looking for something at graduate level.
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Personality: Theory and Research has been around for a long time, and should cover what you're looking for.
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I think the three listed in the previous post are still what you want to start with. Each of them will give sources for further reading on the different theories. Beyond that I'd recommend going to the top personality journals and reading through some of the newer articles, especially those that relate to your current field.
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We used "Personality Theories" by Engler in my class. It was thorough and not mind numbing.
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This textbook was an overview of all of the big contributers to the field and some less well known names.
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