Google Reader replacement with feeds from folders
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One of the nice things about Google Reader was that you could set up a folder and then get an RSS feed from that folder. I used this to put a kind of self-updating blogroll on a WordPress site. Do any of the alternatives provide the same facility? I can't see it on Feedly or the Old Reader, and can't see it mentioned in earlier threads.
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Yahoo Pipes does exactly that. Although it's not a feed-reader, so you would need to update your Pipe if you update something in this folder.
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Feedly is now hooked into If This Then That and WordPress has been for sometime.

I haven't mucked with it, yet, but you should be able to build a script at ITTT that does this.
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Tiny Tiny RSS does it.
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Inoreader does that. It imported my existing Google Reader folders easily and kept my feeds nicely sorted in alphabetical order. You can then read your feeds by folder, if you wish.
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Hive does it.
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Response by poster: Many thanks for all these suggestions. Inoreader is nice but doesn't seem to offer feeds from folders. Some of the others, notably pipes, look to have interesting additional potential, but will require some time for me to investigate.

All the input is much appreciated.
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Best answer: How 'bout CommaFeed? So much like Reader (including folder feeds) that I don't miss it at all.
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Response by poster: DandyRandy gets it because CommaFeed was what I finally went with (and it seems fine); but thanks to all for useful stuff.
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