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I have a lovely Xanga skin for my blog, but weirdly it appears to be the only skin which doesn't include an option for a reader to go back and look at my previous posts, and despite my Googling, Xanga-ing and trying to work it out, all I've done is muck it up good and properly. So, can anyone suggest what code I need to enter (preferably by cutting and pasting!) into the middle of the three boxes at the bottom of my Xanga code to allow people to go forward or back as far as they like? The source I'm using at the moment is at my blog page, here: http://www.xanga.com/timpollard Many thanks in advance!
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%A HREF="%$Next_Link$&"&%-- old stuff%/A& // %a href="%$Previous_Link$&"%newer stuff --&%/a&

% = < br> & = >

(unfortunately, i had to sub these because otherwise it showed up as links)

i think the key is to have $Next_Link$ and $Previous_Link$ in there ... i think the software recognizes those as being the links you want ... the "old stuff" and "newer stuff" can be named whatever you want

not sure exactly where you're going to want to put this, though ... and you may have to play with fonts, center tags, colors, etc. etc. ... but you certainly want those two $ phrases in there
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Hopefully you can copy and paste this:

<a href="<$Next_Link$>"><-- old stuff</a> // <a href="<$Previous_Link$>">newer stuff --></a>
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