WebEx is it???
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Does anyone have any experience with products like WebEx that aren't subscription based?

While I know that WebEx will do what I need (online demos, remote support, etc.), I hate paying monthly for something that I may use just a few times per month. I need something stronger then VNC or PC Anywhere and would like to have ownership of the software as well.

I have been looking at NetSupport (http://www.netsupport-inc.com/) but I would have to email my client a config file each time and get them to uninstall it when we are done!

Anyone out there using a better product?
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We use Netspoke for our webinar needs at my firm. It's a pay-for-play service; if you don't use it you don't pay.
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On remote control... No. I've looked forever for a good product, but no luck. Look at ..
http://secure.logmein.com/dmcq/094/support.asp for a free product.

Here's a discussion on remote control.

If I were to seriously go for something now, I'd be tempted by https://www.copilot.com/ though. You pay by the hour, and it is easy for a user to initiate. (It's been written by Fogcreek. Of Joel on Software fame. It makes me feel good that the question above was asked by the same person selling this software.)

The geeks are going to tell you to use VNC. Beware. That way leads to madness.

Re: Online demos. There's This fantastic Screen to SWF project which is open source and free and I'm buggered if I can find it. Macromedia Captivate isn't free, but it's a good product.

re: Online support. Lots of free stuff out there, but consider kayako.
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Whoops. I kind of missed your point in your post. Sorry about that.

However, Netspoke does, indeed, allow for remote control functions. It really does the same stuff as Webex but without the subscription price.
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Wink: http://www.debugmode.com/wink/
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That's the one. I prefer captivate, but wink rocks.
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bridgit? it gives you remote control and collaboration tools. you can pop it up on a website and remove it when you're done. a lot of places use it for remote support but it can do demos too, and it's got a free trial.
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We (my company) use Remote Anything to do all of our "remote support".
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