Is there a good site or app to monitor Canadian grocery flyers?
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I'm hoping to start our food and sundries budget off on the right foot by shopping the sales as much as possible, but going through flyers and/or finding coupons on store at a time can be really tedious. There has to be a site or app for this, but I seem to be striking out.   Any recommendations from the hive mind? Bonus made-up points for anything that lets me set even basic alerts.   (The Canada factor is key--the initial few apps I've looked at have been US-only.)
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Response by poster: Pardon the giant paragraph--no line breaks from mobile for some reason.
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Best answer:
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Best answer: Based on your listed location as being Ottawa, The Citizen has the Supermarket Specials round up each week, posted on Thursdays (the day most sales start).
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Best answer: is a decent roundup of flyers, coupons, sales notifications and freebie links.
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Best answer: Another vote for As well, if you have a smartphone, check out Checkout 51 if you are looking to save.
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Redflagdeals does a weekly grocery round up for all the best deals in the bigger cities each week. You can sign up to just get this emailed to you.
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