Do you know a therapist on Long Island who specializes in teens? Help!
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I'm looking for personal recommendations for a therapist located in Nassau county (preferably south shore, and preferably one who accepts blue cross insurance, though this is a secondary concern) who can help a teen I know and love with self harm and an eating disorder. She is the adolescent child of an alcoholic, and is in what seems to me to be a major depressive state right now, and has agreed to attend therapy.

I've reached out to my network of friends and colleagues, but have gotten no viable responses, as all of the therapists recommended so far are in Manhattan.

I have let her parent know that I am looking for a recommendation for a therapist, and have the parents support in this.

Also helpful would be any suggestions as to what I can do, as a loving, involved adult who the child trusts. She and I are in close communication, as she feels unable to be open with her own parents. I am also in communication with her stable parent, and share important information related to the child's health and safety.
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She is very lucky to have someone like you to be involved in her life. I do not live in the area for recommendations, but have been going through similar things with my teen. Her pediatrician and her school guidance counselors should be able to give you some recommendations in your area as a starting point. Keep trying them until you find the right fit. We are on our third; they are not all the same!
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I have left messages with two friends who live on the North Shore, but one other consideration would be to call the school psychologist and ask for a few names from them.
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