Best hidden features of popular apps?
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I recently downloaded MeatText () because of Troika's comment in this post () on the blue, tried it out, and the person I tried it out on replied "How is this better than Google Maps"? Turns out GMaps for mobile has a similar feature but its pretty well hidden. I had no idea it existed. What are some other features or functions of popular apps (web, mobile, tablet, or other) that may be hidden or just unnoticed that you find particularly useful?
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The Gmail Labs "Undo Send", which gives you a 30s window to cancel sending an email, great for those typos that you don't see until you've clicked Send.
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On my Android phone, within the Contacts list, sliding left to right calls the contact, right to left texts them.
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The MeFi contact form. It is buried on the bottom right of this screen.
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In Mailbox for iOS, you can swipe the bar under your mail to archive/delete all items in your inbox.
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It's not an app per se, but in my experience very few people know about the IMDB Common search feature and will pull up two different pages and manually scan them to figure out the name of that guy in both, for example.
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Shift command tab in Chrome will restore the last closed tab. Probably shift alt tab in windows.
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Safari on the iPhone will now define a word for you if you hold-select it. It may not be new, but I just noticed it.
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probably shift alt tab in windows.

Actually it's ctrl + shift + t, and it works in Firefox (and internet explorer) too
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Oh yeah I meant command shift t, sorry!
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Shift+Space will go up a page in your browser.
On Windows there are a ton of short-cuts using the Windows key, but my favorite is Windows+L to lock your computer.
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How did I not know about shift+space? thank you for changing my life.
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