Wordress plugin that includes comments at the end of each RSS post
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I'm looking for a Wordpress plugin that includes a post's comments at the end of that post's RSS entry.

I was using Feedblitz for this functionality (each post had the comments linked at the end -- it was great for RSS click throughs!) but Feedblitz has significant bugs and wasn't worth keeping around just for comments at the end of RSS posts.

(I'm aware that this should be easy to find at http://wordpress.org/plugins, but my searches for words like RSS and comments come up with thousands of results that aren't immediately relevant.)
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Not quite as convenient as a wordpress plugin, but you can use Yahoo Pipes for this, using the Regex pipe.
The regex rule would look something like:
"In item.description replace (.*) with $1<br> <a href="${comments}">comments</a>" and check the S box.
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Best answer: Comments on Feed, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. Should probably be fine, though.

Me, I'd just edit the templates and do it myself. Fewer plugins to worry about is more better. Looking at the code for the plugin I linked should give you the template tags you need to edit your default RSS templates and get something working yourself.
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