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What is this music? It was a piece by a woman composer; I think she had won some sort of important contemporary classical music award or was otherwise highly acclaimed, but the piece had a very postmodern/rockish sensibility. The beginning is a repetitive, kind of Olympo-fascist horn line and I think it resolves into something messier partway through the song. It's very catchy despite being kind of cacophonous. There was a music video for it that somehow involved, I think, horses or pegasi, an MS Paint aesthetic, and things with bright red eyes.

I was reminded of the piece when I heard it used as opening music at a recent Foals show, if that's any help.

Thanks y'all! It's driving me crazy that I have to waste a question on this and haven't been able to google it successfully.
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I got two possibilities, but I doubt they're right:

Joan Tower, "Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman"

Julia Wolfe, "Arsenal of Democracy"

I'm intrigued; I'll keep thinking....
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Response by poster: Neither, but both very good guesses! Thanks. I forgot to mention, I'm pretty sure this piece is no more than one or two years old.
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Your description of the music and the musician sounds like Laurie Anderson?
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Response by poster: Definitely wasn't Laurie Anderson-- thanks! I'm pretty sure the composer was quite young, maybe 30 at most.
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Your description of the video sounds vaguely like Homestuck, which has a large body of related music.
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I can't check now for videos, but was it a Caroline Shaw piece?
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Best answer: Is it Anna Meredith's Nautilus?
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Something by The Knife, methinks.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you jokeefe.
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