Name this song: sung by a woman, "sing a lovely song"
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Song name! I can't remember practically anything about a song except that it was sung by a woman, say alto range, and contains the words "sing a lovely song" sung such that "sing" was held for longer than any other syllable in that phrase and "love" was sharply higher than any other note in the phrase, and I think held for less time than "a", "ly" and "song", "song" being held but not for as long as "sing". I realize that's not much to go on, but maybe someone has an idea? Also, I might be wrong about it being sung by a woman, and possibly everything else.
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What style? Country? Blues? Pop? Grindcore? Reggae?

Which era? A decade, even a blind guess, would help too.
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tammy wynette "to live on love" goes on in the middle: "don't the birds sing a lovely song don't our hearts sing a lovely song" which is the only song i can think of with that lyric.
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We're not taking underbearable 1970's Karen Carpenter here: Sing, sing a song, sing it loud, sing it strong...?

A plague on elementary schools everywhere!
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My bet is Chris de Burgh's "Satin Green Shutters". He often sounds woman-y.
And I would sing a lovely song with you in my mind, and you in my eyes
There's a clip here.
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I would guess: 70s to late 90s. If anyone knows Amy Denio, that's kind of the vocal range, I guess. Some flavor of pop, I suppose. I don't even remember if it's something I liked so I can't narrow the style that way—it could have been some awful vocal jazz. Too bad I can't hum over this interweb thing.
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You can if you have a computer mic and some web hosting <g>
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